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Our Model

Springcontacts.com is a marketplace serving electronics designers, and manufacturers of all types who are seeking
improved test probe or spring contact product selection and sourcing.  We offer a complete suite of online selection tools, and suppliers specifically tailored to the industry and customer needs.

The Problems We’re Solving

1. Electronic Product Design Engineering – If you are a mechanical or electrical engineer developing products, our marketplace for spring loaded contacts enables you to quickly identify options for standard or custom spring contact based connectors quickly and efficiently.

2. Test Fixture / Interface Design – Test fixture design engineers face increasing demands for a wide spectrum of test probes to address the unique test targets, layout topologies, and electro-mechanical requirements of contemporary PCBs, and devices.

3. Manufacturing and Test Engineering – As electronics manufacturers source, install, and maintain a variety of test hardware which use spring loaded test probes, technicians and test engineers can literally waste hours identifying and selecting the correct test probes needed for replacements to maintain test hardware.   In some cases, alternate test probes with a different tip style, spring force, plating, or other features may be required to improve test fixture performance.  Sourcing of spring contacts from multiple vendors can get cumbersome and costly and our marketplace helps to contain or reduce those costs.

3. Commodity Management & Buyers – We help commodity managers, purchasing agents, and buyers that are in the vendor selection process, or that
use multiple vendors, to be more
efficient by providing
them with a platform that allows for expertly negotiated deals, consolidated purchasing from multiple vendors, and technical guidance.

4. Product Obsolescence / Overstock – Many manufacturers of spring contacts and test probes, fixture and interface designers, and their customers, will experience some form of product obsolescence or overstock.  Springcontacts.com provides the ability to easily list and offer these products for sale or auction so you can turn your slow moving or obsolete stock back into cash for operations. 

you are seeking to reduce cost, or quickly acquire solutions for test
applications or product development, Springcontacts.com provides a
focused marketplace to enable you to achieve your goals.

Vendors and customers alike are able to negotiate win-win deals.    By participating in a consolidated marketplace at a single site, our vendors and partners  benefit from increased exposure to new customers, and increased sales, and our customers benefit from competitive pricing, and a wider product selection.

Getting Started

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