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Why sell on is an innovative e-commerce platform that allows you (“Seller”) to advertise or sell your products to businesses and retail customers in an online niche focused marketplace which is managed and operated by industry veterans. achieves high visibility, and offers the potential to open your business to thousands of Customers.

With multiple Memberships available for you to choose from, it is easy to find a program that is right fit for your business.

Our goal is to provide a platform for Sellers with great tools to help you increase your revenue, build your own brand, and expand your reach through establishing your own identity within the SPRINGCONTACTS.COM marketplace. As a Seller, you are able to engage customers, design your own page(s), and set up your own products — all within the platform.

SPRINGCONTACTS.COM encourages direct communication with prospects and customers throughout the buying cycle, and provides supplementary sales and technical support.

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How it Works?

Are you new to marketplaces?

Selling on is similar to other popular marketplaces, except that we specialize in a tight market niche, and our site is structured to cater to the needs of customers searching for spring loaded contacts and test probes.

Simply list your products and earn revenue!

Product listings can be created by registering as a Seller, uploading a photo(s) of the product(s) and providing a descriptive title.  Product listings can be basic, or affiliate in nature.

Our is free to use for smaller quantities of listings and increases with the number of products listed.  You only pay a fee when you sell a product(s), which is a small percentage of the final price.

Once you sell any items, payments are safely and securely handled by PayPal which results in an additional fee for their service. If you’ve got an account, great! Just link it to your listing and your buyer will send the money to this account.

Once the order is processed, you will package and ship the goods.

Are you ready to sell?  If so, we are here to help.

Customer support is here for you to make sure your selling goes smoothly.




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Independent Sellers operates a store offering products and support, alongside other independent sellers.
Secure Payments
Payments are either administered by, or other vendors, or affiliates payment systems.
Advanced Statistics
Advanced and accurate tracking systems are in place to maintain records and statisics for each store.