RMA / Cancellation Policy

Return / RMA / Order Cancellation Guidelines

These are Springcontacts.com (“Springcontacts.com”, “we” or “our”) Return and Order Cancellation Guidelines and are applicable only to products purchased by you directly from the Springcontacts.com website. All returns must meet these overall guidelines in order for each individual Seller’s return policy to apply.

Springcontacts.com has established a set of standard return and cancellation policies to create a first-class experience for our customers.   Our intent is to be fair to our Customers and Sellers and to promote an excellent shopping experience.

Sellers are encouraged to adopt these standard return policies, but may have their own return policy or policies which will display on their Seller page in Seller Central, on the product page, or during the order process.  

Modifications to these policies are allowed only with approval from Springcontacts.com.

The following guidelines apply:

1. Seller must offer return policy terms on Springcontacts.com that are the same or better than what they offer on other channels.
2. Seller must honor all return and refund requests that are initiated by a customer within the agreed upon time frame (usually 30 calendar days).
3. Seller will provide proper shipping information, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and any other information necessary to complete a return within 72 hours of a return request.
4. Seller will promptly confirm receipt of returned goods and notify Springcontacts.com customer support to process the refund.
5. Seller must issue a full refund or exchange for any damaged shipment unless otherwise agreed to with the customer, including any partial refund.

If Springcontacts.com deems that a Seller has violated the guidelines or intentionally created a poor experience for a customer, the Seller will be required to pay for return shipping.

Product returns may require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You may obtain an RMA number by contacting the Seller.

Returns for refund may be subject to a Seller re-stocking fee.

Products that are returned by a Customer in any of the following conditions are not eligible for return and may be rejected by the Seller:

  • Any product not purchased from Springcontacts.com.
  • Any product that does not exhibit the described reason for the return (i.e., a return initiated as defective that clearly works properly upon inspection).
  • Any product with missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable labeling.
  • Any product that is returned without all original packaging and/or accessories originally included with the product. Returns received in this condition may incur a restocking fee or be rejected.
  • Any product that exhibits physical damage. If you received your product damaged, please contact the Seller for instructions on how to resolve this issue. This may not be considered a return, but a claim with the Shipping Carrier.

Any product which appears tampered, customized, or altered in any way.

Return shipping labels are free for replacement returns of the same item within the return policy period and can be obtained while creating your return online. You can create your return online here.

This is our Standard Return Policy. Items covered by this policy (those products for which Springcontacts.com states “This item may be returned for a replacement or refund within 30 days only”) must be returned to Springcontacts.com within 30 days of the invoice date for this policy to apply.

While we strive to adhere to our own standard RMA processing times, we cannot guarantee that these times will be met, especially in situations where the item must be sent to the manufacturer for inspection or analysis.

Out-of-Stock (Back-Order) Items

If a Springcontacts.com Seller no longer carries an item that is returned, or if that item is simply out of stock, Springcontacts.com will work with the Seller on your behalf to issue you a refund. If the item is returned within 30 days of the original invoice date, a full refund will be issued. If the item was returned beyond 30 days of the original invoice date, a Seller may, at its own discretion, offer a store credit, or a credit refund at the current market value of the product will be issued. A current-market-value refund may not exceed the original invoice price.

Quantity Purchases

While Springcontacts.com is more than happy to fill your order for a bulk quantity on a single purchase order, please understand that typically with large orders, once a purchase is completed, and the item is shipped, the order  is automatically non-refundable.  Be sure to confirm this with the particular Seller(s) you are making sizeable purchases from.  All other specific conditions related to the ordered item still apply, including any and all stipulations relative to any available replacement return policies. You can also contact Customer Service with any questions you may have.

Adding a New Return

The Return section under Returns / RMA lets you manage merchandise returns. You do not have to manually enter the product and return information to create a new return. To insert a new return, click the “+” button in the upper right of the returns list page.

You will need to select the reason for the return, add images, and comments).

Note:  Orders cannot be cancelled and products cannot be returned without Seller’s agreement. In the event products are returned or orders are canceled, Seller may, in its discretion, charge a re-stocking and or cancellation charge equivalent up to twenty percent (20%) of the purchase price of such products.

Sellers must also abide by the Sellers own, and Third Party Payment Processor return policies

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