Investors & Partners

The team at has significant experience working with the suppliers and customers in our niche industry, both domestically, and globally.

Our goal is to continue to expand on our world class marketplace website and business model.  The international network that specializes in standard and custom spring contacts and test probes is extensive, and most manufacturer’s specialize in key niches themselves.  By expanding sales channels to include a focused marketplace, spring contact vendors of all sizes, whether corporate powerhouses or sole proprietor companies, will be able to increase brand awareness, and gain new customers.

Buyers, Design Engineers, Test Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers alike will appreciate the speed at which they can locate products. will also bring together vendors which are focused on delivering quality products, internationally, to clients across all industries including consumer electronics, medical, military, aerospace, and others.

We are interested in partners with vibrant products, and folks which have in-depth knowledge of the industry segments from regions across the world.  Strategic regional and international partners will be considered carefully, and welcomed to be a part of our accomplishments.

If you would like to become a partner and think your business and would benefit from a partnership, please share your ideas on how our businesses might be able to grow together, by contacting us at admin(at)springcontacts(dot com) for any queries or discussions.