Add Product Guide

How to Add a Product

1. Log-in and Navigate to Add Product under Marketplace Tools on your Seller Account Page

2.  General:

        Product Name – product name / part #

        Description – description of your product

        Meta Tag Title – title of product for the title to be shown in the browser

        Meta Tag Description – description of the product in search engines

        Meta Tag Keywords – keywords associated with your product

        Product Tags – tags to define your product / keywords for our store

3.  Data:

       Model # – part / model # of the product

        Location – location where the product is shipped from

        Price – price of the product per piece

        Tax Class – how the products tax is calculated

        Quantity – the quantity of products in stock

        Minimum Quantity – minimum quantity to order

        Subtract Stock – subtract the stock when product is ordered

        Status – enable / disable product from store

        Out of Stock Status – notification when the product is out of stock

        Requires Shipping – yes= requires to be shipped / no= cannot be shipped

        SEO Keyword – title of keywords in the address bar after

         Image – Primary image of your product

         Date Available – when the product becomes available in the store

         Shipping Dimensions – LxWxH of the package the product will be shipped in

         Shipping Length Class – unit used to determine the LxWxH

         Shipping Weight – Weight of a single product

         Shipping Weight Class – unit used to determine the weight 

         Sort Order – order of your products shown in your store

4.  Links:

        Manufacturer – the manufacturer of the product

        Category – select the categories that your product is relative to

        Filters – 

        Downloads – 

        Related Products – products that are related to your product

5.  Attribute:

        Add attributes to define your product specifications:

        Step 1: Click the + to add a attribute

        Step 2: Pick an attribute from the drop down list

      product attribute dropdown

         Step 3: Choose from the preset list or enter in custom text

         product attribute preset


       Step 4: Add as many attributes as necessary to provide the specifications of your product.  Complete attributes = more views of your product during searches.


Don’t see an attribute you need or have a question about an attribute? Please Contact Us.

6.  Option:

        Step 1:  Select the Option Folder, then begin to type an option.  The field will auto-fill with selections to choose from.

Step 2:  Select an option type, and then click + to add an option value.

Step 3: Populate the Option Value, Quantity, etc.

Select as many options as necessary to ensure proper ordering of your product.

7.  Discount:

       Step 1: Click on + to add a discount for the product

       Step 2: Select which customer group this discount can apply to

       Step 3: Enter the quantity the customer needs to order for the discount to apply

       Step 4: Priority

       Step 5: Enter the discounted price of the product

       Step 6: Enter the date which this discount is valid from

      Add as many discounts as needed to display all the possible discounts for large order quantities.

8.  Special:

       Step 1: Click on + to add a special for the product

       Step 2: Select which customer group this discount can apply to

       Step 3: Priority

       Step 4: Enter the price of the special

       Step 5: Enter the date which this special is valid through

9.  Images:

       Add the main image and any additional images you have for the product.

If you have any further questions about adding a product, please contact us.

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