Corporate User is a perfect procurement platform for supporting the sourcing of spring contacts or test probes for a large number of Design or Test engineers or Purchasing teams.  Our marketplace provides the ability to quickly identify and purchase multiple brands of products from different Manufacturers or Sellers all in one place, saving valuable time in the purchasing process.


(assigns rights or tasks, approves orders)


(product selection and requisition)

Purchasing or Commodity Manager


Test Engineering Manager Test Engineer or Technician

How it Works:

Our marketplace user structure is rights dependent.   This means a Corporate User (parent) can create Corporate Sub-Users (child), and Corporate Sub-Users can create Sub-Users, and so on.

Sub-Users can perform activities based on their rights. A child cannot
have more than the parent group rights.   Review the flow
chart below for typical examples:

user flow chart

By utilizing this structure, Corporate teams of users within various departments can administer and control their usage and procurement of spring contacts, or test probes within highly parallel design groups, or manufacturing operations.

Click here to register as a Corporate User.

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