Marketplace Communication Guide

Sellers and Customers can send messages to each other through the messaging systems on

Communication is fundamental to the buying and selling experience, and we want to keep communications as open as possible.  Although we encourage open communication we don’t allow:

    • Sending spam
    • Offers to buy or sell off of
    • Threats
    • Profanity
    • Hate speech
    • Email and websites impersonating
    • Sellers cannot show or link to direct email addresses in
      listings, manufacturer, or store pages without prior approval from the Administrator.

Comments or Feedback containing certain information may be removed, such as: 

    • Postings or Listings that contain personally identifiable information such
      as an address, phone number, email address, or real name.
    • Information which is not related to the buying or selling of products.
    • Political, religious, social, or other comments.
    • Any language that is profane, vulgar, obscene, or racist.
    • Adult material.
    • Physical  or other threats.
    • Negative comments from a Seller. Certain negative comments can be left by a buyer.

    Comments are not generally removed unless they contain content that
    is not allowed. reserves the right to monitor
    messages between users for fraud, abuse, spam, and other violations of
    our policies.

    Our communication tools make it easy to connect with Sellers.  Please follow these tips for a safe, secure, trusted experience.

    • Communicate only on
    • Be courteous and respectful
    • If any seller requests to contact you directly, or solicits you to make payment  outside of, or otherwise bypass, please report them to us.

    Please follow our guidelines. Violations may be subject to your messages being blocked, limiting your buying and selling privileges, and/or suspension of your account and store.

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