Marketplace Fees

As you get started on, you’ll need to fully set up your Seller account, upload your product catalog or services descriptions and ensure your account is turned on in Store Manager. directly processes all orders placed by Buyers using the Payment Services and methods available, and selected by you. 

Typically, there are no setup fees and no listing fees.  We only charge a fee if you have a successful sale of your listed item(s).    We  transfer the total amount earned by your sales minus our application fee, or commission, to your Payment Service account.  Payments are transferred into your account per the Payment Service agreement, but typically within one week of order placement.

Application Fees are typically based on the Order Total only.  We typically do not charge fees on shipping or taxes which are simply passed through to you.  Shipping and taxes are calculated per the settings in the Marketplace Tools section of your Seller account.  Note however that the Payment Service you select may include taxes when determining their transaction fee (product amount + shipping cost + taxes).  Please contact us for any discrepancies which may arise.

We offer maximum flexibility in setting  application fees.  Our low rates are set by the the Admin, and can be applied on your
Products individually, or on each Category separately.

Fees Based On Product

To apply the application fee on Products, contact the Admin to set the
rates.  Rates are typically a percentage.  If you have a special need to charge a set fee for certain products, please let us know.

Fees Based on Seller’s

Fee application can also be set on entire categories. To apply a rate on a target category, notify the Admin with the information for the target category(s).  As with products, rates can be a percentage, or fixed for special cases.

Our fees are simply.  The current transaction Fee = 10.00% of the product sales price.  The Transaction Fee is for the Order Total (product amount) and does not include shipping or tax.   Fees are applied to standard products, custom products, and services.


Product = $65.31

Shipping = $0.99

Order Total = ($65.31 + $0.99) $66.30

Sales Tax = $4.48

        Total Charged Amount = ($66.30 + $4.48) $70.78

Application Fee = 10.00%

 Total Transaction Fee = (10.00%) * $65.31 = $6.53

Payment processing fees are applied during the transaction, and pays for payment processing.

If a full refund is initiated by the Seller then a portion of the Payment Service fee may be non-refundable.

If you have any questions about on-boarding as a Seller or these payment methods, please contact us via the Support Center.

Once you have enrolled as a Seller, you will be contacted by the Admin to
finalize settings and approve your store.  

Your success is our success!

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