Retail Customer

Retail customers can purchase products or services from any active Sellers whether they be a Independent Seller, Authorized Distributor, or Manufacturer.   Throughout the site you can ask for more information from Sellers, request quotes on single products, or solicit quotes from multiple sellers on a product, or a list of products.  

Be sure to communicate your requirements to Sellers clearly for product
integrity, and identify Sellers with proper controls for handling,
storage and shipping procedures, trace-ability, certificates of
conformance, logistical or other documentation to be supplied, etc..

purchase items from Sellers on that meet your
product, and compliance requirements for the purchase, delivery, and use
of the products.  For products advertised as New, consider requesting
information regarding the extension of any manufacturers warranty,
technical support coverage, return policies, etc..

Expect to find a large product selection, extensive product documentation, and unbeatable tools for managing your purchases.  You  can also manage your profile, orders, or even become a Seller yourself!  

Click here to register as a Retail Customer.

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