Seller FAQ

Seller FAQ

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How do I get started?

Great! You want to start selling!  Follow the basic steps.  Simply REGISTER as a Seller, upload products and start selling in a matter of

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How much does it cost?

At setting up your store is completely
FREE!  We have tied our success to yours.  We only earn a small transaction fee when you sell
something.  You win,
we win! No listing fees, no setup fees, no monthly

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How many products can I upload?

There is no limit to how many products you can upload,
however, we do ask that you consider the flow of your store.
Products that are the same, or at least work well together
should be grouped into appropriate categories.  Products that are related, such as receptacles, should be associated with the correct spring probe.

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Do I need a PayPal or Stripe account?

Yes. Paypal and Stripe are the ways you get paid!

enables global e-commerce by making payments possible across
different locations, currencies, and languages. With 153
million people out there using Paypal to buy things online,
it has quickly become the global standard. It is very easy
to get a PayPal business account. You can do that here.
Please be sure to review PayPal’s Fees
per transaction as they are charged immediately upon each
purchase.  Once you have set up a PayPal business account, simply enter your PayPal ID (email) into your profile.

To register for Stripe, please register as a Seller, then navigate to the Stripe Payment link in Seller Marketplace Tools to create your Stripe account.

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How does billing work?

Most purchases involve instant billing via Paypal or Stripe. A small commission will be collected by at checkout after each sale.

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Who controls my store?

You, you and you! provides  you with powerful
tools to edit, track and promote your store. add attributes and options that allow customers to quickly find your products., and help you focus on earning revenue. You add the products, and we’ll
help you promote them!  Every Seller under our roof benefits
from loads of focused traffic.

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What are your store policies?

This is where you, as a Seller, communicate with your
buyers. You can write a “welcome to our store” message,
outline shipping, return, exchange, payment and other
policies as well as any other information that might be
important to closing sales.  Sellers and Customers also follow our marketplace Terms of Service, and other Policies as posted on the site.

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How do I refund or cancel an order?

Log into your Paypal or Stripe account, open the transaction that you
want to refund. On the transaction page, you will find a
“Refund” button which will refund the payment to the buyer.
Once the refund is completed, will
automatically cancel the order and waive any fees associated
with the transaction. Refunded orders will be removed from
your dashboard and monthly invoice. Simple!

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Do I need a business license, Tax ID, or Legal Business
Name to upgrade to a PayPal Business account?

You are NOT required to have business license, Tax ID, or
Legal Business Name to sell on, utilize a PayPal Business, or Stripe account. If you don’t have a Legal
Business Name, simply enter your name, or something that represents what
you’re doing. Most of our Sellers choose their company name, an authorized representative name, or create a unique store name as
their business name.  Using your company name, or a unique store name, simply protects your personal name
from being shared with your buyers. Instead, they will see
your business name on their acknowledgements, statements, and invoices.

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Do I have to pay any fees to upgrade PayPal to a business account?

No, upgrading is absolutely free!


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