Test & Measurement Probes

Standard, specialty, and custom test probes have been used for decades for printed circuit board, bare board, wire harness, and semiconductor test applications.   Test probes are commonly found in bench test fixtures, hot mock-up, and ATE interfacing applications.

    Saint Petersburg, Russia – November 2, 2016:

    Manufacturer of automotive security systems Starline.
    Middle-aged woman specialist inspector is testing the
    quality of the printed circuit board manufacturing.  

    ¬© Igor Akimov | Dreamstime.com 

Test interfaces are custom designed to adapt a UUT, through an optimized connection system using spring contacts, to the test instrumentation.   Test interfaces may also facilitate direct, or indirect, docking features to enable the proper alignment of a tester and automated handling system.

Test equipment applications require a high degree of repeatability and integrity of the components used in test interfaces.  When properly designed, and manufactured, test probes of all forms ensure that testing can be achieved properly with a high degree of success.

Particular challenges occur in testing applications relative to very fine pitches, high pin counts, wide temperature ranges, burn-in demands, and more.  By offering spring contacts and test probes from a broad range of manufacturer’s and sellers, we can offer unmatched solutions in a single marketplace.    Our solutions save valuable purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing sourcing time for our customers. We also offer a number of value added services to customers in the areas of:

  • cable assembly
  • prototyping
  • 3D printed prototype housings
  • electrical modeling and testing
  • equipment qualification

Specialty test probes are also available for a myriad of niche applications including board marking to prevent test escapes, thermocouples, and port extenders for VNAs or Oscilliscopes.   

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