Reliable, robust connections are a critical factor in medical applications.   Contact integrity and reliability is essential to the operation of equipment in medical environments.   Without dependable connectivity and accurate signal transmission, a patient’s well being may be jeopardized.  offers an extensive line of spring based interconnects, test probes, IP rated connectors, and cable assemblies, from leading manufacturer’s and sellers, which make the perfect components for medical devices.

Our sellers offer standard and custom products to provide compact, robust electrical connections to meet the needs of your medical application.  Spring contacts offer an ideal technology which can facilitate solutions for innovative products that are being developed due to medical trends toward less invasive procedures, disposable components, embedded electronics, etc.. 

Spring contacts offer:

  • light weight
  • high density capability
  • high current &  power capability
  • EMI  / shielded connector solutions
  • High data rate / high bandwidth
  • High cycle life
  • Low contact resistance
  • Shock and vibration immunity 

Consider spring contacts for interconnects in your medical device.  Spring contact technology has been used in medical products such as:

  • patient monitors
  • imaging
  • catheters
  • and other
    diagnostic & therapeutic systems.

Connector design for the
medical market requires care to eliminate the
potential for failure or loss of functionality. Consider the following features when designing your systems:

  • Guards / enclosures to prevent, or eliminate, the potential for damage due to
    environmental factors or poor handling.
  • Keying or color coding to provide a visual indication of a correct match and prevent mis-orientation.
  • Proper strain relief.
  • Match the connector to the degree of shock and vibration present during product usage
  • Ability to withstand exposure to the cleaning
    and sterilization methods to be used.
  • Magnetic properties may affect othery system components.  Non-magnetic products are available.

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