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When shopping on our marketplace, you will find listings from a wide variety of vendors.  Purchases are made directly from the wide variety of vendors, through their shopping carts, which then ship the products to you.

Broad Product Selection

There are  over 100,000 spring loaded variations of contacts or test probes available today, from over 100 suppliers, and a myriad of niche solutions.  This makes shopping for solutions complex and time consuming. is a marketplace providing centralized sourcing for spring loaded contacts and probes.

Global Vendors

Spring contact, spring loaded connector, and test probe manufacturers are located throughout the world.   Customer requirements for products, support tools, and accessories are diverse and more than one supplier is typically desired and necessary.  Our goal is to provide a singular marketplace of multiple vendors to shop and select products from.

Product Support is operated by staff with long term industry experience and expertise.

Focus on High Frequency / High Bandwidth
Pogo Pin Spring Connector - 6 Pin

Battery Contacts – What is a Battery Contact?

Spring Loaded Battery Probes, or Contacts, are commonly used in product applications which require high insertion life, combined with consistent and low-resistance. They are are very durable in high cycle life applications compared to most leaf spring products, and provide ample compliance where electrical and mechanical connections are required. Compression spring loaded battery contacts are … read more

Medical Spring Contacts

Reliable, robust connections are a critical factor in medical applications.   Contact integrity and reliability is essential to the operation of equipment in medical environments.   Without dependable connectivity and accurate signal transmission, a patient’s well being may be jeopardized.  offers an extensive line of spring based interconnects, test probes, IP rated connectors, and cable … read more

Mil-Aero Spring Contacts offers interconnect solutions for the latest military, aerospace, and aircraft applications .  Spring loaded contact technology with proper design, construction, and biasing provides an excellent option to address the requirements for harsh environments, and flight critical systems. The current, and next generation of cockpit avionics, communication equipment, navigation systems and various other airframe applications … read more

How do Spring Contacts Work?

The primary current path in a spring loaded contact or probe is through the junction of the plunger with the barrel and the barrel with the receptacle, if a receptacle is used for quick-change capability. Secondary paths include the contact junction between the spring and plunger and the spring and barrel. Resistance is dependent on … read more