How to assemble NPXL connector with Pogo pins

NPXL lit Connector – is the most powerful and advanced connector on the market designed by me (ShtokCustomWorx) specially for custom lightsaber builds with detachable Neopixel blades. A special feature of this particular connector is 5 onboard pixels that light up any regular shine-through blade plug when blade is out.
Demo video:
Where to buy:

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to properly assemble and solder pogo pins in my NPXL connectors. I sell preassembled connectors with pins but some vendors may sell them (also will do I in the future) unassembled. I strongly recommend to watch this video before assembling!

Pins are press fit! Make sure you press them until they stop by a pcb surface! Only after that you can solder them!

Once pins are installed, it’s a bad idea to remove them if you want just to replace with a different length pins, because it’s very hard to take them out without damaging them. Only remove the pin in case it’s damaged and needs a replacement with a new one!


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